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Our state of the art laboratory specializes & guarantees fast, accurate and affordable private DNA paternity & relationship tests to clients in the US, Canada, and around the globe. We can offer ISO 17025 accredited and ISO accredited for court approved legal testing. The services offered on our website are just a selection of products we currently offer, for more details on additional DNA related services, please visit our corporate website listed on the contact page.
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If you require a legal test, please contact us by telephone 877-900-9010 to select a suitable collection center in your location.

The peace of mind test is intended for individuals who need the truth in a discreet manner before thinking about their next steps. Our high accuracy & affordable peace of mind home test will provide decisive results rapidly and professionally.

Our Laboratory: All DNA tests are security batched & performed in our state-of-the-art testing laboratory. DNA Solutions provide DNA laboratory services to the general public, lawyers, immigration organizations, television shows and governments around the globe.

Advanced Accuracy: Our tests offer high levels of accuracy. We offer the 19 region 'Premium' DNA paternity test with 99.99% accuracy. Clients that demand higher accuracies, can opt for the 'Super' DNA Paternity test that has a 99.9999% accuracy & analyzes 23 regions.

Fast Results: Results for your DNA test are available on a variety of turnarounds from the date that we receive your samples. Once the analysis has been completed, the client will have secure confirmation to access their results.

Technology: Our laboratory analyzes 16 genetic locations for each test & additional locations if you require this. Our legal tests will be valid for court cases and carry the ISO17025 accreditation.

Experience: Our laboratory team is managed by Vern Muir B.Sc. who has a wealth of experience in DNA analyzis & molecular diagnostics. All our scientists are fully qualified and possess a strong background in the industry.
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