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Sister to Sister Test

X-chromosome testing. $375 for 2 persons ($99 for each extra person)

X chromosome testing is used to see if two or more female persons with different mothers have the same biological father. If you wish to know if they also have the same Mother, or you are not sure if they have different mothers then you will require a Full Sibling to Sibling Test.

X-chromosome testing is your least expensive option while obtaining very high accuracy (99.9%+). Think about the two female persons you want to test. If it turns out that they do NOT have the same biological father, then can you rule out the possibility that each of their real biological fathers were closely related? (i.e., could each of the 2 sister's father's be brothers?, or cousins?)

If the answer is no, then a X-chromosome test is a great option. All men have one X-chromosome, it is passed down from Father to Daughter, a woman has two X-chromosomes. Therefore a Father and his 3 Daughters will all have at least one of their X-chromosomes exactly the same (the X from their father).

If perhaps the 2 or more sisters that you want tested have different fathers that could be related, or if you want to know if the persons being tested have the same Mother, then you require a Full Sibling to Sibling Test.

This test investigates a high number of DNA regions. Full or half siblings will differ in the amount of DNA that they share. A Full Sibling to Sibling test looks at so many pieces of your DNA that we can make an assessment of your relationship.

To have the Mother's DNA sample (from both or either sisters) reduces the test cost because the Mother's DNA helps us to analyse the relationship between the 2 sisters faster.

Summary of Sibling to Sibling Testing Costs:

Test With Mother's DNA Accuracy Cost
Brother to Sister
(2 persons)
with no Mother's sample 90% $395
Brother to Sister
(3 persons)
with 1 Mother's sample 95% $395
Brother to Sister
(4 persons)
with 2 Mother's sample 99% $494
Optional Extra: DNA Band Images $15

Additional assistance is available through instant online chat.

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