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Tennessee DNA Paternity Test

DNA Solutions Tennessee

Tennessee customers are now able to order online a range of DNA testing services. Customers from Tennessee can also receive DNA Paternity test kits and DNA testing advice from our call centre or from our DNA experts online through our interactive chat.
DNA News - Tennessee
If Asian soybean rust enters west Tennessee this season, soybean farmers should know about it even before the disease’s lesions show up in sentinel plots, thanks to a project sponsored by the Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board. Sentinel plots consist of early-maturing soybeans, planted earlier than usual so that the plot achieves canopy closure quickly. Under the right environmental conditions, rust should first appear in the sentinel plots, giving growers some lead time (one to three weeks) for treating their soybean fields for rust, if necessary. The University of Tennessee has planted 24 sentinel plots in the state. But west Tennessee is adding another layer of diagnostics to the sentinel plots, using DNA analysis to detect the disease very early in its development, according to University of Tennessee plant pathologist Melvin Newman.
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